Pore refinement

poreffect concentrate

Whether against large pores, excessive sebum production or shiny skin on the face - with the pore-refining concentrate, swissestetic offers you a serum of the latest generation.

poreffect concentrate

Perfect pores

With poreffect concentrate, swissestetic offers an innovative serum to combat large pores, excessive sebum production and shiny skin on the face. The active ingredient complex reduces pore size, improves skin texture and combats impurities in just a few weeks.

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What is poreffect concentrate?

Whether against large pores, excessive sebum production or shiny skin on the face - with poreffect concentrate, swissestetic offers a new generation pore-refining serum that not only counteracts large pores and oily skin thanks to the innovative active ingredient complex, but also brings a strong anti-aging effect at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

Large pores on the face are mostly caused by an increased production of skin sebum with a simultaneous cornification of the skin. The causes can include hormonal fluctuations, alcohol and nicotine consumption, UV radiation and incorrect skin care. The visual enlargement of the pores occurs as soon as the sebum collects and an occlusion occurs, which causes the pore walls to widen. The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) of the face is particularly susceptible to large pores, as a high number of sebaceous glands are located here.

Studies have shown that through the combination of active ingredients contained in the serum, results can be achieved after only 1 week, where the volume of enlarged pores decreases by about 30%. After 4 weeks of regular use, significant improvements are visible in the form of a duller skin appearance and a general reduction in skin impurities. For example, the respondents in the study stated that the deposit of your blackheads reduced by about 40% after a period of application of 4 weeks.

Yes, due to the non-comedogenic effect, the serum can also be used to support impurities.

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