retinolift concentrate

With the anti-aging concentrate, swissestetic has developed a solution that visibly refines wrinkles. The vitamin A serum reduces the formation of new fine lines and provides a regenerated, refreshed skin appearance.

retinolift concentrate

Refreshed skin texture

The retinolift concentrate by swissestetic is an anti-aging serum with 0.3% retinol and 3% broccoli seed extract that visibly refines wrinkles, builds skin structure and has an antioxidant effect. It should be used as part of the evening routine and a high protection factor sunscreen should be applied during the day.

Antiaging Swissestetic

How does retinolift concentrate work?

Retinol (vitamin A) is one of the most effective active ingredients in cosmetics and medicine, counteracting the first signs of skin aging. With the revitalizing retinolift concentrate, swissestetic has developed an anti-aging solution that visibly refines wrinkles. At the same time, the vitamin A serum also prevents the formation of new fine lines and ensures a regenerated, refreshed complexion.

Frequently asked questions

The serum contains 0.3% retinol, 0.1% retinyl and 3% broccoli seed extract (contains natural retinol). Retinol is very effective. However, it is unstable when exposed to sunlight or oxygen. That is why we also have retinyl in the concentrate, which is less intense, but more stable and is converted into retinol after absorption in the skin.

Important: Retinol can best develop its effectiveness overnight. The retinolift serum should therefore be used as part of the evening routine. Vitamin A also increases the skin's sensitivity to light - therefore always apply an additional sunscreen with a very high sun protection factor during the day.

We recommend to use 1 bottle as a cure and then pause min. 1 month. The concentrate is preferably used from autumn to spring.

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