Dry skin

Say goodbye to dry skin

Our hyaluronic products for dry skin. Provide the skin with moisture and develop a firming and rejuvenating effect.

moisturising solution swissestetic
Pore refinement

Natural products for perfect pores

Our poreffect products are specially designed to refine enlarged pores. They regulate sebum production and have a mattifying effect.

poreffect solution swissestetic

The anti-aging solution against wrinkles and fine lines

Highly effective retinol against wrinkles. Vitamin A Serum prevents the formation of new fine lines and provides a regenerated, refreshed complexion.

anti-aging solution swissestetic

prof. product variant for direct application

The professional product variant is aimed at specialists and certified cosmetic institutes, which apply the products directly to their customers.

prof_size swissestetic

High quality equipment for treatment

To achieve intensive care and the best results, we offer various devices and tools for treatment.

Geräte Swissestetic