eDermastamp® - The Innovation of Dermaroller® Micro Needling "State of the Art" inDesign and High-End Quality.

The eDermastamp® is a small but intelligent device for micro needling. The modern design, as well as the high-quality materials, such as the inhouse made brushed aluminum, blend harmoniously into any professional studio. The ergonomically shaped handpiece allows fatigue-free working. A powerful electric motor guarantees a performance of up to 150 cycles per second. Six fine, precisely shaped medical steel microneedles are the optimal number for minimally invasive penetrations with minimal trauma.


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eDermastamp® treatments have the advantage that the body's own regeneration processes are stimulated by cell proliferation, which ends in a new collagen formation. The epidermis visibly improves in strength and structure. Repeat treatments with the eDermastamp® reduce small wrinkles and bumps and lead to an overall improvement of the skin texture.