About us


We supply exclusive following products: - swissestetic® - mesoestetic® - Dermaroller® Hyaluron-Express and other high quality products and devices in Switzerland. With those brands we represent several leading brand names of the cosmetics industry. Our customers are specialists and certified beauty institutes.


MESOESTETIC® is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical company producing cosmeceuticals and state-of-the-art cosmetic therapy devices. The production buildings have recently been rebuilt and correspond to today's highest Nievau.


DERMAROLLER® became world famous for the invention of the famous Dermaroller. Studies with the original roller prove a medical effect through the needling. - For example for acne, scars or in the anti-aging area. With the patented eDermastamp, the German company has another product highlight.


HYALURON-EXPRESS® currently has the only hyaluron gel on the market that is produced completely without chemistry in the water separation. - Medical tests prove that this hyaluron gel is just as compatible as water!


SWISSESTETIC® originated from Silkmed Distribution AG. In order for us to grow internationally, the name change was mandatory. We will have our own products produced in the future with the knowledge of the last 10 years. Small, but fine is our motto, because we will only offer trendy, strong-acting and payable products.